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My name is Catherin York and this is my personal blog that I have started for one reason and one reason alone: letting the world know about the therapeutic and healing effects of Dead Sea skincare and cosmetics that have changed my life for the better. If you’re wondering why I fell in love with products such as Premier Dead Sea, it’s because it’s really healed my dry skin conditions and has given me a more radiant look. Check out this youtube video, you’ll get it: Youtube.com/user/PremierDeadSeaUS.

I’ve been using their beauty products for so many years and my friends were always wondering if I “did” something. Uhem, no needles have touched this face, thank you very much. I always thought that most people knew how great Dead Sea products were when I was using more corporate type of products. But, I learned that I was wrong once I started this blog.

So I guess you can say I’m in a way trying to promote these products because I truly believe you would benefit from them the way I did but I also want to teach you more about the skincare routines that have worked for me as well! The best part? These products cost half the price and are more effective.

The Dead Sea has been a resource of healing for thousands of years and now I want to share that with you. There are also incredible Dead Sea Activities. to do if you ever visit there.

Slow down the aging process, look younger, and feel better! Naturally, and inexpensively. Come see the products for yourself and learn all you need to learn about how massage can improve your life.

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