No need for Marketing, Brooklyn, New York Boycott improves sales

In a funny twist of fate, as a local Boycott group tried to convince locals not to use products made from the Dead Sea or Israeli origin, sparked a boost in the sales of the company’s products, which worked much better than the ad campaign.

In fact it is known that these protestors have been targeting all companies that make skin care products that contain minerals from the Dead Sea. The northwestern shore, which is known occupied territory by Palestine authorities is where the production takes place. The funny thing however, is that protestors have led to boost sales, instead of affecting sales negatively.

premierdeadsea-skincare.  The boost was first seen in July. However, the protestors did not give up and they chose a time that was in sync with a freeze that lasted ten months on Jewish construction in Samaria and Judea. However, it provided a boost to sales again, and the shelves in Brooklyn were missing Dead Sea products, only because they went off so fast.

Premier Dead Sea Skin Care

Those who made it to the stores first were the rabbis from Brooklyn, as they are the ones who interact with judges, lawyers and doctors in Jewish communities. The good news is that the rabbis did not just products for themselves or their friends, in fact, they went one step ahead and sent emails to congregants to buy these products by visiting the stores. Dead Sea Hotels.

The rabbis suggested that people who did buy these products would received myriad blessings.

Efforts made to discourage use of Dead Sea Products

A number of efforts have been made from a political perspective both inside and outside Israel so that people stop using Dead Sea products. Dutch organizations conducted two boycott programs. In recent news, a supermodel was signed off a contract because she signed up with a Dead Sea cosmetic company. It was sad when Palestinian authorities dumped a large quantity of Dead Sea cosmetics in to the trash when they were encouraged by the boycotts conducted by the EU in Samaria and EU. Performing artists have been requested to step off from performing at the Dead Sea Love Festival, by the leftist movement. The movement also made offices move to the south, so that no one could make any claims.

Soon, post these outbursts from the leftist movement, a Dead Sea Company, issued a statement about how they only produce cosmetics that are mined from authorized areas. Activities are taken in order to preserve the beauty of the regions, and also the resources that are there in it, the location has therefore been chosen along the West side of the Dead Sea.