Ever since the beginning of time the therapeutic advantages of the Dead Sea have been no secret

Explore the many benefits of the Dead Sea!

Ever since the time of the Bible, the health benefits have been no secret. The mineral content of the sea salts are responsible for keeping the skin looking young. Way back in the time of Cleopatra, she took special interest in this area, and developed it as well. She was responsible for building a number of factories along the shores itself, in order to ensure that the minerals that were being used in the products were real.

Every year, millions of people come to its shores to soak themselves in the beneficial Dead Sea, so that the minerals are absorbed by their skin.

The Dead Sea lies at a depth of 1,360 ft below the sea and therefore is known to be the absolute lowest point on all of the Earth. The water in the Dead Sea is very salty, ten times as salty as Ocean Water. It may not be the best place for a fish or any other marine life, but the rich nutrient content provides great treatments for arthritic, respiratory and dermatological issues. It is known to provide some relief for many condition, just by one soaking in it. Patients who suffer from aggravated pain due to arthritis, should most definitely take a dip in these waters. Patients with tissue and bone problems are asked to soak in baths with salts. In order for muscle tissue to heal, nutrition absorption is a must. If you do not take care of your bones and they are not to be strong in young adulthood and when you are forty, it is likely that you may experience some fractures and breaks as you enter your fifties. It is important that one pays attention to their calcium in take, for good bone health. Saoking yourself in hot salt baths can indeed facilitate the absorption of calcium by the bones. This is one of the most important reasons why the brand you choose plays an important role, make sure the ingredients are in fact from the Dead Sea.

The geographical features and the location of the Dead Sea is what gives it, its amazing properties. A host of elements, like a supply of constant sunshine, low UV rays, mud and water that is rich in minerals, and the dry air make this place truly beneficial for those who suffer from skin problems, respiratory problems as well as joint problems. The Dead Sea is low and is located at the very edge of the Judean Desert, this is the reason why, evaporation is so high in this area. What this basically means is that the water that is left in the sea is very high in salts and minerals and the mineral water that gets evaporated, is absorbed by the dry air to form a layer that acts as a sun block in the air. The Dead Sea is indeed an ideal vacation spot for the entire family which can be beneficial for health as well, as one can avail of combined treatments for eczema, psoriasis and rheumatism as well.

Recently new treatments have come to the fore, and this is of the Dead Sea’s ability to lower sugar levels and help keep diabetes at bay. An Israeli study carried out on people with Type 2 Diabetes posted that there were significant drops in blood glucose levels after just 20 minutes of a soak. The experiment however is just in its preliminary stages and involves only a small bunch of people. So, there is just a little hope that the water is beneficial from people suffering with Diabetes, but we will just have to wait for the final result.

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