Healing traits of Salts produced from the Dead Sea

A few facts about the Dead Sea – History and Health

During my research about an article I was writing about a couple’s trip to Israel, I came upon many a amazing facts about the Dead Sea. I assumed it was a very dark place, and I knew it had a place in the bible as well, but I was wrong. The name may make it sound dark, but the place in reality is beautiful and its shores and mud are extremely beneficial to health.

Premier Dead-Sea on Twitter. The Dead Sea is known to contain 21 minerals, and one can find piles of these salts on its shores. Any other sea water would contain about 3% salt, but the Dead Sea contains 32% salt and extremely high concentration of minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium and bromide. Therefore, when it comes to natural salts, it is indeed the richest. This is why, people who have open wounds are cautioned against bathing here. Dead Sea Ecology

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Health and the Dead Sea
Dead Sea mud is known to be great for the skin, and people who visit the palce are known to take long mud baths. There is reason to rejoice however, as the beneficial mud is available online as well. You may wonder if it works. Experts who have researched these healing properties and also the aiments, seem to believe that it does. It has a positive effect on cellulite, it helps treat problems like eczema, acne, other disorders like psoriasis and it also helps in minimizing pores and increasing elasticity of the skin. Ben Gurion University conducted a study on the benefits of this mud, and they realized that people who suffered from osteoarthritis benefited and achieved relief when they used the amazing mud. In fact, it has also been proved to be beneficial for hair loss.

A little History about Dead Sea
The area is very rich in History, and you can see remnants of the bible days, it is on the northwestern shores of the Dead Sea, where the scrolls were found. It is believed that a shepherd found these scrolls in a secluded cave and he sold them. An extensive search was also conducted, and various fragments of both manuscripts and scrolls were found, those that dated back to more than 200 years before Christ. The cracks of the Dead Sea are known to throw up asphalt. It is known that this was used to mummify many people. Ancient cities of Gomorrah and Sodom gave way to the Dead Sea. The story suggests that God wanted to destroy the evil cities, but he wanted to get Lot and his family out, who were the only good people there. They were advised not to look back at all, Lot’s wife could not help it, and when she did, God turned her in to a pillar of salt. The events that followed were strange, and it’s definitely not something I remember hearing at Sunday School. Even today, after thousands of years, it is a great story.